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tire markings goodyear etc...
Initial jetting on VM34's in my piped and ported H1?
Ralf's Sand Cast H2 Heads
Baseline Jetting for Denco 120 specs and VM34's.....
New SSO billet heads installed with pics
Zeel PCDI-32
H1R Bodywork
How to Build and Install VM34 and UFO's on an H2
aftermarket turn signals
Mikuni vm 38
Jorgen's Exhaust Port Mods
KV 250 Triple
H2 Triple Carby Synchro.
Making new front wheel.
Interesting Carburetor modification who has seen this
Triple Clamps?
Piston Trimming.
Carburetors, Thoughts.
S3 400 Triple Lift\Porting
H2B\C conversion to 520 PBI sprockets
Expansion Chamber Design Software?
H2 with DUcati dryclutch
Mikuni 34mm flat slide vs. Mikuni 34mm round slide carbs
H2 Engine Builds
carb to pod filter spacing - setback
My new H2 dragracer. Gonna build a new motor from scratch.
Moo Stage 2 H2 Reeds
lift plates?
squish heads?
air/fuel ratio???
HiggSpeed vs. Spec II
VM Needles.....Needle Jets........Etc
J&R's OK?
Pipe data
outboard bearing support
Rear disc brakes
Might make a great ego slayer
1974 H1 build.
S3 Cafe-Racer Build...Your Thoughts?
Is swearing allowed here, because I'm so f... pissed off now
A thread on various chambers for our triples
Torque dip
Carb/air flow comparison
Exhausted again :-)
Exhaust comparison
Wheel spokes and truing
Billet H2 heads, here they are. WOW
Tomcat Pipes.
SpecII H2 tuning project, VM34 incl dyno progress
H2B caferacer tuning project and other info dyno charts, etc
Keihin PWK new smaller GENUINE pilots available
LED Headlight Conversion?
how to change bushing inserts?
72/74 King Cobra engine in a 93 ZX7 frame resto-mod.
Tail light mod - Ducati Monster LED - need resistor help
shock extenders?
The Kwaktrakker
my air box
520 chain conversion
Hagons are lighter ...
auxiliary exhaust ports
painting my
H2 blue
JA-Moos Stage 2 H2 Reeds
Darth Squish ...
put a picture up of your hotrod triple
power valves?
lifting cylinders
34 mm mikuni carb's proper jetting
has anyone done a six speed conversion?
Rebuilt S2
how much increase from milling cylinder intake surface
how light can you make an h1?
early H2 cylinders needed
wiseco piston
my seat's almost finished
Mikuni 34 for H2.
Zeel ignition, a few questions...
h1 porting
YSS Shocks? or, What shocks do you prefer?
alumium kick start lever
can i put the oil injectors in my reed boxes?
head inserts
cdi box
ufo's in 34mm round sides
Rear end mod - H1E
h1 reed engine
Laurens Race Engines
H1a Kwaktrakker
S2 350 Port/piston Mis-match?
And so it begins...
Opinions on Purple Haze heads.
Finally put my chambers on!
coming together......
my hot rod 500 engine
inverted fork question
cool gas cap..
38mm Mikuni carb inlet stub adaptors H1
S2 Carb Opinion ???
new build for me
Questions on non-stock stuff
Frame bracing
Rotor Drilliing
S3 Recommended Engine Work?
Air flow through 3 to 1 boot vs. cones?????
when life deals you another s2....
Case radius modification ?
i should be committed
Lets talk shaved heads.
350 3 into 1
Not really a "Hot Rod" H1D
Aftermarket carbs?
H1 Engine Rebuild and a Bike To Put It In
back cutting gears
Lighter clutch
72 H2 Horsepower
S1 chambers
alternative front ends
carbs carbs carbs
Tracy body
Here's a Hotrod I want.
H1/H1A Cafe budget build start...........
SPA tach and speedo gauge.
Lets build HotRods, Pro Street etc.!
Tracy Body
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