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The Restoration Shop
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Correct color wiring
kh 250/400
h2 front brake pipe
Got my tins painted BUT.......
Parts bought for renovation of my KH 500
decal install
71 H1 Paint Code, tips and hints
Rear rim difference
76kh500...need oil pump/tach washers
Replica H1R alloy rims
Refurbish tachometer
Lighting issues on '69 H1 500
What model did my rims come from?
'69 H1rim and spoke replacement parts
Recommended chrome platers US?
Chrome plating exhausts
69 H1 Kawasaki white fuel tank - color of writing and stripe
H1 frame number
Questions on Fuel-Tank Switch H1 to H1a
engine number H1 1969
Rear Fender and Supporter
H1F paint code
A video on clutch frictions and steel plates ...
Any suggestions how to repair brake cable guide
need h1 e/f alternator schematic drawing
Distributor Ignition H1 1969
Identity Crisis
Improving yellowed plastic parts
S1C petcock
correct master cylinder color on 75 h2
Reviews on repro 72 H2 rear shocks? Or rebuild stock ones?
carb jetting
Reproduction Wiring harness Question
wiring help
1975 H2C color codes
correct rim dates
New Project
Surface finish on '69 brake drum assemlies
1975 750 purple
1975 h2 750 parts finishes
1975 h2 throttle stop screws
h2b oil line
Repro MACH III 500 plates
handle bar bolts on 75 hI belive
seat restoration
Colour for decal and stripes on '69 H1 in midnight white
Cold start cable
Engine cover paint
New style clutch basket VS the older style ... H1
Biting the bullet H1 restoration
For Sale ... H1 Clutch rubber dampers
H1 Air cleaner boot clamps
Wheel restoration on '69 H1
Any requests for 3D printed parts/accessories?
Vent tube anchor plate
authentication of '69 H1 triple
Delkevic H2B/C Exhaust Pipes
Front rear and instrument lights come on when brakes applied
The "5 different" clutch release review ...
Resource for Snap Ring
H1 clutch problem identified
H1 clutch question
Oil Pump Umbrella Seal
Installing a new seat cover?
H2 swingarms and axles
H1E -SG Rotor Locating Pin Replacment
H1E Tailpiece - M6 Nuts - The old, bits left over routine
Indicator stems
Oil Pump threads
US Titles
H2 Seat lock
H2 Air filter Stock or K&N ?
RHS Control - Whats it off?
New Parts Quality?
Electrical Box Restore
H1 Clutch Parts
Cylinder, heads and case prepping methods
Chrome parts list for an H1-D
seat pan
Pray for me
Silencer gasket substitute?
H1E cylinder head identification
Shopping list for oil pipe sizes
H2 Throttle cable
paint code for chassis black paint
74 H1F
H2 handlebars
Help me out date code guys
re-zincing head bolts
72 H2 Rear Hub paint
Best H2C seat cover
Evaporust prices have dropped
Part ID
Fuel Tank sealing
H1 early verses later cylinders.
'72 H2 Rear Mounting
Swing Arm question
Paint for H1E - Candy Red
LRC Triples
"Matching Numbers" question
replacement rear wheel for H2
69 vs 70 vs 71 H1 motors. What are the differences ?
Stuck brake pad
Crank restoration cost?
Wheel size question
Black paint recommendations
H1 update
H2 Make Over
Pipe refinishing
Tokico Front Brake Caliper rebuilding?
headlight bracket rubber washers help
What are these ...
74 H1 Tool Kit
H1 seat pan cancer, need some suggestions
1974 H1 Restoration - What to do first
How to remove the fuel cap latch ?
'73 H1D mild restoration
First time trying Coke and aluminum foil
recommended Oils to use in an H2
H2 Rear Fender
72 H2 front Motor Mount Bolt
1969 H1 Build under way
H2 B Seat Cover
H2 - Front fork headlight fittings - order of assembly
H1F Petock Gasket/washer?
H2 headlight cowl
S1 Needle and seat.
Li'l Greenie
1975 H2c 750
Romoving Gas Cap and Latch
H1 Rubber motor mounts/dampeners?
Wire Connection Kits
H2 Baffles
75 Purple Paint Mix
The baby triple---'75 S1
clean up rusty seat foam?
S3 Project
1973 H1 D restoration
Tail Cowling
Anyone used this to clean rust?
Check Valves and Banjo Bolts
S2 350 -72
H2 Tail Light,, Why?
VIN Decals
H2C Seat Foam and Cover
1970 restoration taking shape.
The "polish your covers" thread
H2 750 1972 fuel tank diaphragm petcock connection
H1A 500 under seat - plastic cover thingy?
speedo & tacho - new reproduction vs old rebuilt
Modern replacement for early H1 500 ignition barrel?
Powder Coating Motor Sidecover, heat damage?
Advice on H2 purchase
Crank Shaft
Polishing carbs?
Cylinder Honing h1
H2 Project
Paint vendors
74' H1 teardown question
Kawasaki H2 Numbered Bolts
H1E Paint Info
Repop Bar Controls for H1E
Should I repaint?
Fitting a '76 400 engine into a '76 250 BIKE?
Fork Springs
Cylinder Repair
Restoration, your views.
looks like Jess now has Repop bar controls
H1E Wheel Options
Motor case paint/coating?
74 restoration
Speedometer/Tachometer Light Bulbs
T_Dub's H1
Brake Lines
How much of the motor can I polish?
Headlight and Gauges
Electronics; my enemy
Transmission small parts replacement/reuse?
Proper wire harness and cable routing 72 H2
early H1 stator rewinding
Fork Rebuild/Fork Seals
Top End Bearings
Helmet Restoration
Fork Disassembly Question
SG Rotor Removal
Where to get c clip for H2 gears
What are these???
1973 H2 Clutch rebuild
Decal detail.
73 h2 restoration.
H2 Centre Stand- Renovation.
Centre Stand Spring
Early h2 rear tyre
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