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Nice KV75 in Ohio
cool little 350
My 1975 H1 in Hawaii
Can you say Shiny?
73 h2
This one looks decent.....
1974 KAW 400 $2500
300 BUCKS for a Pair of Hardley's ???
KV75 Upstate NY
75 Mini 750
H2 pipes
A deal from the Dark side Syracuse
Oh boy,, 72 750
KV75 in Ohio
User Reviews? Brake Hose Set
Sooo much wrong here...
Check out these auctions
You get lucky now and again
69 h1 winnipeg canada
Spring Cleaning Sale
Nice 1969 no not an H1
Has anyone used these spokes?
Something different for you RD guys
Wirges Streamliner
Nice build
All Original
not quite original, but it IS a '69
VERY nice '71 H1-A in Florida
72 S2 Eugene
Denco clutch hub?
Another "rough" '69 H1
This H1B could be good value
S3 Denver....I mean H1
'69 H1 bringing good $$$
NOS H2 H1 Gauges Clock Pipes
Another eBay listing that you won't see very often
H2 Center Stand.
JR Expansion chambers for H2
Anybody in Georgia
pretty decent and original '75 H1 in Virginia
How to list a bike for sale
Rick Brett selling unrestored H1
Early production H2 on Craigslist
Boy, what a deal......NOT
Pricey piece of history???
S3 Top End
It's a sign
Kawasaki KH400 KH s3 350 triple pipes h2 - $200
18" rear "Lester" wheel on E bay
1974 Kawasaki 250 Triple Project For Sale
Super clean Triple, just not a Kaw
Clearing out some clothing items
If only I had MORE room
Different color scheme
More craziness
H2 motor what a deal ......
Kawasaki Triples Calandar 2017
H2 in Florida
Yet another '74 H2 painted like a '75 H2
Are you looking for an S2 project?
I think I'm in love... :)
Short legs ?
Decent '75 H1 in Kentucky - BIN $3750
H2 dragbike seems kinda low priced
Optical Illusion?
Cheap Water Buffalo
Matching number H2
Rare H1 Petcock
H2 Albany NY May be a member
I sure hope people READ all of this ad
Orange Crate H1B on The Island
H2 Stator
KV75 in Illinois
Interesting H2 build for sale nearby
1975 H2 Ohio
1972 H2 Oil Pump
New old stock H2 motor
another nice '69 H1
Are we all going to need one of these?
'73 H1 in Wisconsin with some nice mods.
1976 KH 400
Modded KH500 in Iowa
NOS H2 RH calipper etc
H series Long Swingarm Spacer 33034-008
a1 a7 parts bikes baltimore
6-7 X what I paid for mine
75 triple engine ...
s3 roller philly pa area
a running '72 H1-B in Iowa - $4500 BIN
Blue H2 on Wrong Island
Another early H1 auction to watch ??
Pretty nice '71 H1 in Indiana
All I can say is WOW - a BIG WOW
H2 heads, cylinders, pistons ,rods and crankshaft
Two 74 h1's in LA
H2 Headlight housing and trim ring on ebay
Deal of the Day -
Salvage 1972 + H1 on ebay
Price check on some bikes?
High End Bearings??
Drag Bike
H2 H1 parts
750 H2 parts on ebay
Lot of 3 400's in Vermont
73 h2 canada
75 H1 ... for $4000.00
'73 H1 is going for a nice price
NOT a Kaw. triple
72 h2 winnipeg
Beautiful H1
H1F on eBay - unrestored?
Well -it's NOT a '72 H2
And the prices go up and up
'74 (he says '75) H1 in Ohio
Canuck bike on ebay
pretty much original '71 H1-A in Wisconsin
'74 H1 "project" near Cleveland - price is right
69 h1 canada
Nice S2 in Illinois
very nice '70 H1 in CA.
6 by 10 enclosed trailer in NJ
looks like repro gas tanks are being made?
Jess has another repro item for the later H1's
another WOW!
73 H2 on Craigslist
Cruzinimage sells H2 rods now
an "unusual" combination
Another re-po'ed part with some bling
69 or 70 H1 barn find
Any of our New Zealand members know this seller?
20K S2 Restoration
Would you buy a Water Buffalo?
'75 H1 in Ohio
I wonder if these will sell?
May be a decent deal in San Fancisco-
Denco Pipes on Ebay lowered
69 H1
A very nice 1975 H1 in CA.
72 S2 in Ohio
KV 75 in disguise
72 350
75 H2 in Sacremento
"2 for" deal in Oregon
Do you like the color red?
Kawasaki 125s
Another "One of a kind"
First yr S2 in Nashville
H2B 5K in Georgia
1976 S3 400..mostly stock near Philly
Coyote on the Prowl
couple of 750 engines in Texas - $350/ea.
H1 project in Sacramento - $1650
'70 H1 in Portland
Guess what year! in Vancouver
'71 H1-A in Ohio
'75 H1 near Dayton - $1050
1969 123
Put my Dencos on Fleabay
A Couple more H1's
I know the seller
Another WOW
denco pipes not mine
Might be a good buy in TN - '72 H1-B for $1500
Somebody want to make some noise?
It's been a while
1970 Barn Find
A real "project" in Michigan - ending today
Jess has another repro item for the early H1's
chinese simpson helmets???
Have a seat. . .
Nice KV75
Kawasaki Triple 500 H1D - $8700 in MD
Tire changing reviews
Hey Joe (Battleax)
A little different '72 H2 in L.A.
NTR-- Holy Cow! Am I missing something?
Just shaking my head at this one
H2B sold for $7,450 on fleabay
'73 H2 in Kansas - make offer
set of J & R H2 chambers near Detroit
'72 H2 in Chicago
'73 H2 in Mass.
92046-010 trans bearing
74 500,,, in purple?
$1000 s3? Kh? In northern Indiana
h2 Rush Tribute Bike
73 Nos tach
73 goldie
Cheap, rough h1 in Cleveland
1975 H2 Gas Tank
'74 H2 in Atlanta
for you S2 lovers
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