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Parts or Bikes Wanted
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WTB rear S3 wheel
S3 or KH400 forks
wanted 400 top end
Needing Rear Brake Shoes '70 H-1
H1E green side tins and tail
KH400 Right Hand Barrel.
S3/Kh 400 rear sprocket and throttle cable
need check valves oil line for h2C
H1 Frame / Roller
Key #688
H1e barrel wanted
Z1 fuel tap
H1 Seat
Smoke color turn signal lenses
Wanted Kawasaki H2 1972/73 black rear fender
Needed; kick stand and center stand for 1972 H2
Registration holder grommet
74 H1 chrome front wheel cover and 3 screws
Front fender options ?
Availability/Price for Complete Exhaust for '73 H2A
Wanted: '74 H2 original or duplicate #911 key
Kh250 front mudguard bridge
front end
18" front wheel
wanted s3 or kh400 frame and expansion chambers uk
Early H2 Speedometer Knob
H1 Cylinder
Shot in the dark .....
Cam Plate
EX500 Caliper / MC
H1 Steering Lock Assembly
vintage drag bike parts wanted
Wanted for 69H1, 70H1 H1A
S3 KH 400
Early H2 Swing Arm
1972 H2
H1 1969 Ignition KEY Nr. 527
Need a left cover, 74H1
Tachometer bushing s series
It's. Time
WTB KH400 front wheel
Clutch Release 13231-1001
Wanted - H1E Carb Mount Clamp With Screw - 16051-002
Wanted 72 h2
Wanted expansion chambers 1974 H1
Parts needed for the KV250
H2A Rear Axel Assembly and Brake Arm
H2C Center Stand
wanted oil lines & check valves
H2B Oil pump and 3-1 carb line now sorted
Chain Guard H2B/C
Supplier feedback
H1 e/f Seat locking catch
Wanted 1974-1976 400cc
h2b left light switch case
H2 rims needed
H1 oil pump
Found one thanks 23027-029 - H1E Tail Light Case
72/73 H2 OR H1 carburetor bowls
HELP !!! ... I need a pump ...
Longer Side Stand H2
KH400 Oil Tank Nipple.
16134-025 PIPE,CENTER OIL,
h2b oil pump
H1/A/C fork tube
Kawasaki S2a 350 rear frame grip
Anoyne in the UK have....
1972 S2 parts needed
H1E looking for the dash hardware
H2 offset sprocket
Handlebar left switch case
Left side 400 emblem for my 1975 S3A
h1 air inlet
WTB H1 top shift fork p/n 13140-013
h1 1970 igniter box 'a' wanted
H1E Ignition Boxes (A&B)
Seat pan for H1-D
Ignition Box Grommets
Sorted - Neutral Switch - 13151-012 - Copper Contact
Choke plungers
Outside Cylinder Head H2
KV75 front fender
Looking for a nice 1973 S2A Seat !!!
Looking for Factory Paint 1973 S1a Bodywork
Need an H2 outer head
Speedo & Tacho for 1974 H1E
Damper Rubber Meter 25019-015 - speedo & tachos
h2 brake hose bracket
42041-106 Rear Sprocket 47T
72H2 Master cylinder bracket
Wanted Kawasaki S Frame Grip Part # 32109-013
1972 / 1973 H2 Rear number plate bracket required
H1 peacock grey side cover
71 H1 LH Side Cover Needed
'71 H1 battery box pieces,
Wanted:H2 fuel tap-lever and cover plate.
wanted: H2 dragbike
WTB decent shift lever
69-71 H1 ignition box A wanted also a crankshaft
Wanted # 911 Ignition Switch
H1 stock exhaust
72 H1B Front End Wanted or maybe.....
Wtb chain sprocket cover
1973 h1d 500 selector fork set needed !!
Headlight ring issue
Need a wrist pin c clip
WTB #279 seat/steering lock key ?
KH400 or a 73 S2
Wanted S3 Left Carb Slide
H2 (73-75) Wanted, excellent condition.
Parts Wanted, 72 H2
Shifter fork
Darth needs a few parts
Need a #911 ignition key
looking for a late h1 ignition rotor
KH400 barrels wanted
mach 111 centre bridgeport cylinder wanted
H2 Exhaust Baffles
WTB clutch actuator assembly, dam mice !!!!
H2 carbs (30mm) Throttle springs
Wanted Fasteners H1E
Kawasaki H2/H2A Parts Wanted
Wanted, 1974 h2b parts
1969 H1 kicker needed
s1 250 hub part needed - rubber
Kawasaki A7/A1 kick start shaft
Need a center stand for H2B
74 Airbox
WTB: 72 H2 Parts
1973 kawasaki h-1 side stand
33035-007 Swingarm Cap
WTB, side cover which covers the oil tank on a 1976 KH400
Wtb KH400 Left exhaust
73 H1 left pipes needed
lester wheel
Wanted H1 or H2
F5a Bighorn in the House!!
Denco Manifolds
KH400 Allen Screw Sets?
I want a Kawasaki H2
Looking for an early H1 Left case cover
'69 H1 Cap, rotor, wires, and the rubber case seal
4th Gear-Output SFT 23T
72 H2 rings
92075-166 Oil Tank Rubber Damper
Got the side cover now looking for a 73H2 tank !!!
wanted: 500 bottom end
H2 Cylinders Wanted
Smashed Side Panel
Seeking Fenders...... for 72' H2.....
1971 F5a one has a Bighorn just sitting?
I need a rear hub spacer for my 75 h1 build (42036-014)
73 H2 tank and right side cover !!!
Source for Air box clips
1972 H2 Throttle cable adjuster needed
Wanted- S1C tail decal
73 H1 500 crank wanted
H2 Stator housing - found, thanks Mike!
Early H2 engine cases
Bearings Bearings ,,,,Who's got the bearings?
WANTED: 73' H2 Rear Brake Switch
Head light brackets
Late H1 Kilometer Speedometer
H2C Seat Wanted- Name Your Price
71 H1a parts wanted
71 h1a parts needed
Wanted: Ignition Pickup
Early type A7 rebuild
1974 H2b centre stand
1972 H2 Shocks
H2 Side Kickstand
H2 B, C frame wanted
Late H1 Ignition rotor 21007-028
WTB S3 Left Side Panel
10mm X 1.25 pitch button head bolts
307 rear wheel wanted
1973 H1 D left exhaust wanted
Wanted 1974 or 75 Engine complete
wtb 1974 H1 right lower fork
s1/s2 denco chambers
Wanted: 1972 Oil Pump Return Spring.
1973 H1 seat latch wanted
Wanted KH500 fork covers (pic)
S3 Mufflers needed
72 H2 Headlight ring
WANTED: H1 engine, wiring harness, carbs
Wanted any triples titled frame
H1 parts needed + retailer suggestions?
kicker spring
S3 400 Parts needed
"Tiny" ??? expansion chamber
1972 H1-C left side cover ....
S2 Gas Tank
Looking for a 74/75H2 chain guard in good shape !!!
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