Archive for KTOG ... Kawasaki Triple Owners Group Welcome to “The Fellowship Of The Ring-Ding!” KTOG is a group dedicated to the famous Kawasaki S1, S2, S3, H1, H2, and KH series triples.

Triple Builds
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Johnnyo's "Mutt"
72 H2, slooooow progress
74 H1 build
Denco CR90 Replica
Spark Plug wires and Insulators
RON!!! something with that frame!.....yes, dear
Getting started
Shoggoth's "Rebuild."
Jbeard's H1B Definitive Restoration Thread
Soviet Dreams.... kinda~
And so it begins
Harm's S2 project
74 h1 build thread
Johnnyooooooooooos. 72 H2
Bringing back an H1-D
Soon to bring the frame "up"
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