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Copper/bronze exhaust crush washers
H2 timing not advancing on Center and left cylinder
My H2 caferacer, broken shift please.
Oil lines
Shift Lever Straightening
Alternative cick start lever for H2c
72H1B Front disc brake
Sounds different
Contacting Darth for replacement oil lines
electronic ignition
BAD oil leak - counter sprocket shaft seal
32mm carbs
1972 H2 Wheel Lacing
Key identification?
brakes brakes brakes
h2b gauge stop light bulb flashing like a beacon
Something Seems Wrong
gear selector arm pawl play.
H2 checking the oil
fitting hd clutch springs
Why does my H2 kickstarter do what it does?
was running great.....just no spark on any cyl??
What type/brand/size fuel line and hose clamps are you guys
Has anyone split a two outlet petcock to three lines on a H2
Vin Plate H1 1969/1970, photo
tranny oil leak
1970 H1 Oil Pump
Centre/Main stand spring
Caliper Quiz Time
leaking oil tank? KH500
NTR Front Fork Swaps
H1D - Which rotor for this stator?
75 H-1...........Collar won't come off the Counter Shaft ?
Lacing aftermarket H.D. rims to H1?
kh500 case bolt by neutral switch?
Cables for S2A lower handlebars
s3 clutch
Carbon build-up
The Annoying Flashing Red Light
kh500 generator carbon brush dimensions?
clutch release lever - need help
Oil tank line
76kh500 needs stator rebuild, brushes etc,
length of small clutch pushrod (A)
Cylinder gaskets
Does anyone use synthetic brake fluid?
Another KH part ID question
Carb Slide Question
Head torque
carb overflow
h2 sprockets
crank feed washers
Won't turn over
Lever Pull
seat covers
PING...puff.. puff...PING
tachometer seal installation?
tack no worky no mo
1975 S3a paint color
Form Navigation
h2b chain adjustment decal location?
Difficulty Posting Pics.
brake shoe wear pattern
'71 H1 clutch stack height
My early H1 outer fork tubes were recently chromed ...
Right cylinder smoke
1971 H1 A/C Coil - Part 2
Rear Wheel Hub ID help needed...
need help identifying rear caliper
Starting h1f after carb rebuild
Mikuni flat slide VM28-418 for H1B
1971 H1 A-C coil windings
adapting h-2b oil lines 2 flatslide Mikuni carburetors
KH500-missing spring assembly...need help?
clutch slip (again)
Won't go backwards
A7 piston crown clearance
H1 Wiseco Circlip Source?
A7 conrods - dimensions
S2 Crank seal O ring
wiring in fog light help
Denco snorts exhaust
H1 fuel line length
head nuts torque
Carb mouth diameter
1975 h1f petcock lever
complete front end for 72 h2 750
choke plunger
mixture screws
Electronic Ignition for H2
Keys for 1971 H1
first ride niggles
flasher unit wiring 70 h1
Smoking more on one side
H1f won't start
Carb installation
Oil Pump How too
H1 verses H2 carbs
What does a H2, H1, S3 Crankshaft weigh????
shock from plug cap
Suzuki MX paint codes
Heating & Bending Kick Starter
broken clutch cable
Oil pump line locking plate
Torque Specification Help Requested
Oil tank leak @ filter
Tach & Speedo Restoration
Oil Pump O rings
Front Wheel Removal Question
Oil Line Replacement Question
the 1970 h1 red colour
Spark Plug Life.......
exhausts and baffles
early left switchgear
kickstarter installation
crank bearing with the groove in it?
shimming the gears
Cleaning outside engine
Hose from oil tank to oil pump I.D.?
H1E with H1D ignition
carb jetting
oil leak at tach cable
Engine Cover Oil Pump Tacho Drive Assembly
oil pump adjustment?
Carburetor cleaning
1969 H1 no spark
H2 sprocket sizes
Cleaning oil lines
brake light flashing
What model Oil Pump is this
Cable Adjuster Circlip
Help with creating a website
VM34's vac. line?
simple timing question
Battery Box removal
1972 h2 750
front brake squeal
ball in Clutch release actuator?
1969 H1 starting problem
New Clutch issue
Lost Parts
front turn signal wiring?
Old Ford Truck Issue
'69 ignition wire sheath
1969 H1 ignition wire length's
Reproduction Selector Fork ID (H2)
H2 Air Filter
Mikuni H2 jets PN help
Engine Stator
'69 H1 oil lines
Crankshaft Compatibility
H2 clutch
Reproduction Wiring Loom
Fuel Cap Fitting Pin
Aftermarket piston rings
Is this usable?
Best Oil ?
1973 H2 motor rebuilder
what size jetting required for Mizuno chambers
1969 H1 wiring
1971 H-1 Ignition System No Fire To Plugs
CDI and Ignition Refurbs
crank rebuilds?
Metal cutting cold saw, band saw , dry saw
Seat Foam
Is my bike right or just a bitser
With or without the hat??
Octane, what the local shops have told me. (help)
H1-E Engine re-build
1975 S1c
Restoring a needle bearing surface
MC for a KH400 - upgrade
Trying to get this H1 ignition sorted
'69 H1 Turn signals
Anyone seen these fork dust covers before?
Crankshaft rotor removal
1975 h1500 ignition system general info.
71' H-1 Rebuild Blowing Fuse From Battery Positive Cable
filed down motor casings (from old post)
ARE wheels.
Am I working this right?
bolt source?
Throttle tube replacement ???? 74 H2
master cylinder
Anyone know what this is from?
Doremi Exhaust System
neutral light not working
gas tank venting?
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