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Center seizure
1973 H1D MFD Manufactured date
H1 issues
4 Stroke Help needed Please
250 S1 wont run
Sunny ride to Cheddar
69-72 drum brake triple clamp
Hot bike engineering taper head pipes found
H2 with TM34's and TNT chambers
Gob Smacked
Welding and electronics (CDI Ignition)
A step back if you will
Think My Bid Will Hold Up?
The Old Triples are still a Favorite
steering stabilizer H2A
Two stroke Tommy....
Hello From Tucson, Arizona
H1 will not start.
Looking for...tank
where are you guys buying your tank hold-down straps??
69 H1 ... NGK BUHX plug ???
I was a rear gunner on a septic tank
H1E running issues after rebuild
Steering Stem
HANG ON!!!!!!
Advise on 1969 H1 price -???
Engine Noize
1970 h1 intake roar
H2 Clutch Help
The Last Samurai: 1965 Kawasaki SG250 & Kawasaki History
Denco drag frame? h2r? what is it?
Coil wires/caps
New Sena 10C Videos...
Things that make you "CRANKY"
"Heads up" with Veserah head gaskets....
74 vs 75
Triple Porn by Higgspeed
KH400 kicker
How big a press...
Now take me to my Hangmans Ground
It's alive!
Kawasaki Green
final question: where to get chain and sprocket set S3400 ?
question: I bought an NOS ND tune up kit #303 for S3A 400
Fixed my 75 S3 400 but not sure what I did right? (puzzling)
Clutch perch
H1B engine numbers.
AV gas
New Paul Gast (Fast by Gast) transmission
Here's an Odd One
Shifting on a back cut transmission
Soda blast clean the engine cases and cylinders ?
Bad A$$ Sounding H1
Basket case special...
Fun day at the office
Looking to buy this 1974 H1 ...
Wheel runout
H1 Has Gone to Pieces II
Oil Leak
Tracking down an old 72 750....Cape Coral FL
UK Newbie
H1D no spark at LH plug
H2 rev limit?
72H2 Seat Hook
Speaking of Shims
Building H2
a REAL sticky
Lower end...
kaw ass'y line
New Member
Brackets from India
h1 window carbs
H1 Gone to Pieces
Cross drilled discs on my H2
which sparkplugs?
My modified h1
My 1972 H2 Project, DONE
H1F Start-up
New 2017 Denco Replica Chambers
It Lives......
Pics of the 750 triple that I was waiting for
Triple Horn Rebuilds
Kawasaki Triples Were Well Ahead in Technology
Piston Coating
72 H2 tail light
new member needing advice about 74 h2 750 denco
Regarding Fuel Tanks
H2 Wheel Rim Stamps vs Frame Numbers
Spare Parts. Advice Please.
Parts I.D.
Talking Oil.
H1 article by Kevin Cameron
Paint Scheme Brainstorm.
Can I put H1 cylinders on H2 lower end?
Kevin Cameron on H1 Triples
Practical Sportsbikes October 2016.
Diving Back In.
And a Merry Christmas to you too........
back in the game
Cold 2 stroke oil
Wrong Button
Whats my bike worth? Trying to decide what i should do....
Kawasaki Factory Mini CANAM Racecar.
I'd like to tell a Triple story
H1/A/C fork tube
FWIW ... Vintage Kawasaki Front and rear Rims ...
This is the one I want >>
Headlight Help Update
Hows this for a hi-tech 2T triple, step up big K, c'mon..
74 KH 400 Not charging -
triples calendar?
Seb Vettel rides a Kawasaki Triple.
S3 velocity stacks
Wire harness S3 or KH400
A Level of S3 completion
A first for everything LMAO
Removing the motor from the frame
Wheel Alignment
A picture I drew decades ago
seat height 1970 h1 have i shrunk.
cable heat sheilds
1975 S3 400 high speed?
Brush carbon
Cylinder reversal
new member here, long time triple fan
Steering Lock
1972 Kawasaki H2 Inspection
stubborn bolt removal
Carb thread moved to " Hot rod shop "
I found this H2. Great find
69 h1 sitting for a long time
Splooge and Other Stuff
Method for taking apart tach and speedo?
Clutch springs
1983 Kz750 E
Wannabee checking in
reflector diameter
Too or not Too
Metal Oil lines?
CEMCC Show Day Engadine
The sound no 2-stroke owner likes to hear
welding crack in cylinder
Almost.............had a disaster
low motor vin
One skinny and two fat
diff between a 74 and 75 frame?
LED headlight
Not a good ride home..
What battery types are you guys running.
right side brakes
Took my H1 to it's first weekend MC Rally
New to the 2 stroke world
of these Tapers you speak...
I found a H2 basket case... what's it worth? (+ a H1)
First Startup of my Triple
adding a few teeth to the rear sprocket on the H1's
Just got my 2nd h1!
Air Cleaner bell question
Seal kits
Lipstreu on an evening ride ... VIDEO
H1E disc brake upgrade steel lines/Ferodo pads
New member, new project
It's taken a while . . . .
Need opinions on good H1 shock upgrades
H2R hits 400 km/ph in 26 secs
New spark plug wires installed
First time radial
New H2C owner
S3 KH400 Finally Done!
you meet nice people on Denco RR
S2A help
intake runners?
1974 h2b Restoration
H2...........the Surge Monster
What are you getting for fuel economy ?
Broken Fin Repair.....Who Does it ?
H2b restoration questions series 2
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