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Tips And Tricks
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TM 34 jetting options
After market Throttle cable H1/KH
Rubber mounting H2 cases question.
Ideas for lower gauge mounts late model H1s
media blasting
H1 cafe- anyone put their rearsets on the pipe mount?
Clear coat over badges
PBI 520 sprockets for H1
16MM H1 kick lever
Stinger ends
alternate fork seal removal
aluminum brazing?
engine detailing
H2 vs KZ750 twin kick start lever
Extended aluminum kickstand mod...
Wheels, and Polishing.
Carburetor Cleaning Options.
New steering damper.
Wheel Swapping on 400?
Removing Gaskets
Transmissions, circlips, sharp edges and more!
Still a "Trick and a Tip" I think
Replacing Stock Spark Plug Caps
Acorn Nuts
expander rings piston
Brake squeal Be gone
Oil Pump
Fixed brake pad in an H1E stuck
clutch cover (gasket) interchangeability?
How to stop your Chambers for leaking out the front!!
All the Balls
s3 2 stroke oil
throttle cables
Easy way to block off the vacuum port on your carburetor
Denco RR with standart engine and carbs
caliper rebuild
Swingarm bushing cross-reference
Holding small things ...
S3 side stand two thumbs up!
Spark plug boots/caps
Fork seal fix (My secret..)
How to remove old tar like inside the tank
How I use a dead bolt to find TDC
How I straighten a carb inlet bell
Stator Mount
Fuel tank cleaning and painting
Another "DUH" moment ... and a tip
72 S2 questions
Evaporust and a CDI Box
Cleaning up a rusty KH400 Stator Assy.
H2 Swing arm lengths
750h2 tailpiece74/75 will it fit 73-75h1 500?
factory kawasaki mags that will work on h1/h2?
h1d main harness?
LH engine cover
What fuel do you run?
Harbor Freight sells junk right? Not so fast.
H1F brake disc substitute
8 frictionplates H2 clutch
H2b exhaust
"Adrenaline Jim" pipes
H1F engine in a H2A frame?
1975 H1F chambers
Front Disc
Gas Tank leaking at seam
Finally got part 2 of the.....
Twin disc upgrade for H2
Oil Pump Stop
Brake conversion
Shortening Control Cables
just a comment on cross-point screwdrivers
Replacing Coil Wires
Side Stand
h1b stock fork length and intro kind of.
Kaw H1B - Ivans Performance Carb Kits
Headlight conversion
fork upgrade
repair plastic sidecovers
Teflon tape on petcock threads
H1 rubber mounts
Opinions on long(er) term oil pump storage?
Chambered Exhaust
RH cover and oil pump?
zinc plating
DIY Durable cheap chamber coating
350 Brakes conversion
Alternate throttle tube for H1-F?
1969 H1 Lakeland CDI
Digital volt meters and triples
Clutch basket 13095-046
Engine install
Trimming Masking Tape
oil pump stat-o-seals
KH400 clutch Springs?
Rearset for a H1
On oil pump drives
Setting float levels
How to make a fork tool
Old School Disc Conversion for 34mm Forks
Setting VM34 float level
left hand switch parts
Another way to remove the big rotor from your crankshaft
How to properly install the big rotor on your crankshaft
running lean down low
cleaning out exhusts
Fixing Chinese bar end mirrors
plugging exhaust for cleaning with lye
H1 Frame warning
Transmission shimming tip
Cleaning aluminum jugs and heads
S series and KH gearbox compatibility
Caliper rebuild?
Kawasaki H1 Crankshaft Interchangeability ?
Early H1/H1B timing tip
pilot jets
H1B eliminating turn signals
So Jim, a NASA Engineer and a Ducati Walk Into a Bar
Distributor cap "resurrection"
Does anyone know if this seat will work
Early H1/H1B alternator rotor mod
Stuck needle jet
carb cleaning done cheaply
Carb sync revisited (Uni Sync)
stock Baffles
my leakdown/pressure tester set-up for the 500's
oil lines and check valves
72 H1 center stand
EX 500 Conversion S2A
Fork bushing
Polished Aluminum Protection
Removing frame plugs
correct uni filters- wtb
Cush Drive loose?
do it yourself chamber repair ( removing dents )
carb restoration
tacho/speedo cables
carb cleaning made easy
Nuts and bolts - the cheap way to "restore"
carbs - removing a stuck "choke" plunger
carbs - how not to mess up the needle jet
Best penetrating oil (You will be surprised)
carbs - how to remove those *@/&# stubborn pilot jets
Tom's "Disclaimer"
Kickstarter problems after splitting an engine
Dis-assembling/rebuilding rear shocks
rattling side cover emblems
CBX/6 ignition pick-ups any good for Kaw triple?
Tightening Oil Pump Banjo's
checking crankcase seals
1970 H1
H2 Engine advice please
1970 H-1
How to remove stuck cylinders
H1 E/F fine Idle tuning
Different cover
replacement oil lines?
Rubber Mounting H2b engine
H1 Piston Pins + Small End Bearings
rust removal evapo rust
checking lab seals
Brake light failure Indicator Switch
center stand spring
Squealing front brake
Shock mod h2
Vibration Issues
cleaning alloy casing etc.
Manual Mistakes
H1 Kickstarters
Clutch Cables
H2 Kick Starters
Countershaft Sprocket Washers ( Clavel washer)
H1D and H2 Ignitions
S & H series ignition switches
lose the friction type steering damper
triple headstock bearings
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