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Romantics "Secrets that you keep"
Duke Jupiter "I'll drink to you"
Mr.. Charlie Daniels Easy Rider
You don't need a link...
Vince Gill and the Eagles
Hey its saturday night - time for some Rock N roll boogie
Triumph "Lay it on the line "
Jefferson Starship "Find your back"
RIP Greg Allman
Songs that get to you
Y O D A ... Yoda
Amusing song...
For those of you with kids...
Gary Wright Dream weaver
Unbelievable ...
The Angels
Barenaked ladies ... If I had a million dollars
Steppenwolf.......The Pusher .........
On this day in music history
Dr Hook.. Cover of the Rolling Stone
RIP Chuck Barry ,,,,,,, 90 years young ..
Bill Withers Use me ....
Ringo Starr No no no I don't .....
From Within The Mask ...
This one's for you Joe.
The Pogues
Gary Glitter
Who Digs Energy Guitar...
What Kind of Fool-Fool-Fool-Fool...
"Ye Cannae Change the Laws of Physics, Captain!"
A Sled Zeppelin Christmas
'Hurt Feelings' F-o-t-C...
Aussie Rules Footy.
Billy Joel Captian Jack ....
RIP Mr. Lake
Paul Kelly From Little Things
Arlo Guthrie ( Alice's Restaurant )
Beatles.......She so fine....
There ain't no cure....
Happy Halloween
Eddie Rabbit - Driving my life away
Hello Darkness My Old Friend
WAR Cisco Kid ...
Commodores Eassssy like Sunday Morning
Pink Floyd $$$$$$$$
The Sweet "73" Ballroom Blitz
Misheard Lyrics...
Teenage Song
Chuck Barry Maybelline
When The Levee Breaks ... Zepparella
Russell Morris
Edgar Winter Free ride
Grateful Dead Bertha
Hendrix Dolly Dagger
Uriah Heep Easy living
Jason Bonham
Some favourite Aussie & KIWI bands
Australian Crawl
One For Darth and the Buckeye's
Stand back !!!
The Doors
Argent Hold your your head up 72
We come from the land of the ice and snow...
Free Live, Mr Big, Isle Of Wight (1970)
Ten Years After
Sad news - but I'll put it here
Black Sabbath 1970 Beligum "Paranoid"
Stevie Wright
Todd Rundgren
Concert for George
Iron Butterfly, how about Strawberry Alarm Clock ?
Today I remembered this !!! do you ??? ... Iron Butterfly
Ships ...
Just Focus
Another old friend gone Barry
Re worked Elvis...
I'm Still Loving you !!!
Cheap Trick Ain't that a shame
You never talk to me !!!
Linda Rondstadt
Goodbye to Glenn Frey
Farewell Mr Bowie
I'll miss him.....
Beach Boys Little Saint Nick
Josh Southwick Christmas cheer
Ya gotta love gettin a lil extra
GFR ... Inside looking out
Rush Working man
One of my all tiime favourites
The Highwaymen
Some sage advice and a good tune
Well it is Haloween.......nearly
Pat Travers boom boom out go the lights ,, eventually
Jim Croce "Don't mess around with Jim "
Started out with nothin'
Stevie Ray Vaughan "Claptons Little wing"
Wild Cherry "Play that funky music"
Billy Joel Just the way you are 77"
REO Speedwagon Roll With The Changes
Johnny Cash One piece at a time ( makes you think )
AC/DC ... it's a long way to the top !!!
Happy Birthday Sir Paul!
KISS ... Strutter
The Kingsmen,,, Louie Louie
Hard shoes to fill...Journey Don't Stop Believing ...
From the Canadian board
Neil and Bob Dylan Helpless and knocking on the dragons door
Neil Young Helpless
Neil Young Down By the River
How about our old friends the Eagles
Bob Weir
Jay Ferguson Thunder Island 79
Jimmy Hendrix cover 6 was 9
Metallica fade to black
Black Sabath war pigs
Aerosmith sweet emotion
Four Seasons what a night
Michael Jackson ??? ... played on beer bottles !
Bob Segar Rambling gambling man
Elvis That's all right mama
Eagles Seven bridges road
Joe walsh
Ozzy Iron Man
I Am Santa Clause !
Another rocker passes - RIP Joe Cocker
Ram Jam Black Betty
Can't you hear me knockin'?
Steve Goodman " You don't even call me by my name &qu
Badfinger No matter what
ELO Do Ya !!
How cool is this,on stage with Sabbath 1970 !!!!!
With a Heavy Heart ...
I Hate ZZ Top
Lou Reed Sweet Jane
wishbone ash / runaway
Zeppelin down by the seaside
Ted Nugent Stranglehold
Pearl Jam Yellow Ledbetter
Knopfler Sting Clapton Collins Money for nothing
Yahooooo guitar pickers will like this
I almost forgot it's Roger Hodgsons B Day Today 64
Jimmy Page bet you never seen this one???
Blackfoot highway song
Happy B Day Roger Waters 68
Gerry Rafferty Get it right next time.
The young and up and comming!
Kill Shott " Another 50 sold " !!!!!!!
Deep Purple 73 Go Ritchie
Jeff Beck with Buddy Guy and Billy Gibbons
The Band and Clapton Further on up the road
Darius Rucker Wagon Wheel
Uncle Cracker & Kid Rock Good To Be Me
Zac Brown Band doing Metalica Sandman
A little harder than the slow hand but a left hand
Clapton Rocking: I thought of you, Johnny O
high on fire
Some more S&M - Sweet!!
I'm feeling for a lil S&M ;-)
Early 69 and 70 H1s
Live Pictures 45minutes+ worth
Veteran's Day
Hendrix If 6 was 9
Ozzy Believer Live 82
Deep Purples drummer Ian Paice drums on a new rock song !!!
Deep Purple Live 1984 !!!!!!
Remember Mountain Mississippi Queen ?????
Cream Sunshine of my love
Razor Dave " On the Run " !!!!!!
The Real Van Halen !!!!!!
Elvis Plays Early White Lion !!!!!
More new Toad !!!!!
Nice to see these guys back to together !!!!!!
Willie Nelson 74 Whiskey River LIVE
EJ Empty Garden
Little Feat Willin
My Favorite Santana Song ??
Journey lovin touchin
John Waite Missing You and Interview on CBS Philly !!!!
John Waite Whole Lotta Love !!!!!
" I'm no Angel" The Winery Dogs !!!!
Bliksem Live Q!!!!!!
Marshell T Band Cant U see
Blackwater Doobie bros
Bad company Ready for love
Poison something to belive in
Sword Meet Skull,Skull Meet Sword !!!!!!!
Jimmy Hendrix 70 letting it all go !!!
Doors Riders on the Storm one for Ray!!! R.I.P
Yngwie Malmsteen
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