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Brake light issues
Oil pump
Mystery Part Time! – The Transmission episode
Leaking left hand carb when on sidestand
Center Stand position on Lower Center Support Bar H2C
Carburetor issue
Ignition boxes modern replacement for H1A required
Rejetting for higgspeed pipes
H1 Piston Options? and bore advise?
H2 that needs finished up ...
New carbon brushes
Wossner piston
Pinging when warmed up
Right foot shift for H1E
Carb mounts
Stuck piston pin and rust crank, need rebuilt crank
Problems on the road
Transmission locked third time -- need serious help please.
Persistent Carb issue
H2B Rear Brake
changing 'fiber' plates on KH400 (I can't search well)
Help from an Oil pump expert required
ground wire battery H1
Testing speedo/tach cluster that is off the bike
Squish head work, Service ?
H2B Tyre Sizes
H2B Handling
flashing charging lamp / neutral switch light / turn signals
TM34 Carb Tuning Help
Weird Electrical Issue '72 H2
Needle and needle jet
New style Clutch release
kickstarter displaced
H2B Silencers (Mufflers)
Tach drive oil leak
Change of carbon brush on KH 500
Intermittent high pitched sound
Sticky clutch
Fuel inlet barb for carb
ASAP, Auction ending: Can I "Vacuum" tune my Carbs
H2 tranny
Factory brand chambers
KH Ball Bearing Clutch release modification ...
omitted engine through bolt
Stock shifter help
Brake install issue Moo's plate/ninja caliper
Connecting Rod Lock Plate
Lithium Ion Batteries
Compresson Tester
H2B Headrace Bearings
This could only happen to me?
H1E - 60psi on all cylinders
Scored this bike over the weekend
leaking petcock
H2 Surging
Tap, tap tap, Right Cylinder Misfire - H1E
h2 no spark
KH 500 Clutch....
H2 Vibration
Removing stuck Kawasaki triple cylinder
Header Pipe Clip / Clamp
VM 30 Needle jets
Oil System Idea
KV 250 Help..
Ring groove too narrow
K&N Filter - effect on jetting.
H2 Carbs Overfilling / rich running
H1B Clutch Slip
Unifilter Part number
Jetting for a new motor
H2 Brakes
Runaway idle
H1 500 marquee III 1971 engine strip
H1 500 marquee III 1971 clutch plates and steels
H1 500 marquee III 1971 can't select any gears
Emulators from XS
New way of removing Kawasaki triple cylinders
Oil Pump Hitch
Crank Seal failure symptoms
Early H1 clutch
Transmission rebuild – Solving missing 1-3 gears
h2 cluch basket rubber dampners
500 H1 -E 1974 headlight
Rear wheels
Alternative Petrol Taps
Chain tension up mystery? 1973 H1D
Talking Cranks.
Spark Issues, and Battery vs. Capacitor?
Swapping Slugs in the Cave
Left side of Crank Shaft...
H1 wheel bearing mystery..
H2 Carb Problem
Another right cylinder smoking...
H1 and a H2B throttle cable bail comparison
front forks
69 h1 clutch
H2 Rear Wheel removal
Piston and cylinder sizes availability
H1 cylinder clearance: different on central cyl?
Fuel Valve Question.
Early vs late H1 chambers
H1 throttle cable
I need your advice
H2 clutch extremely tight
switching sidecovers .....removing oil pump gears???
Electrical/wiring question
Is this repairable - hate to think I created a paperweight.
Cylinders - apologies if this a dumb question....
Engine / frame shims
Cylinder Stud Holes
Splitting H2 Engine
Early H1 swing arm nut torque
H2 Clutch Question
Flasher relay
Homemade tooling.
Oil Pump Test Results ...
Metric Fasteners and such
H1E swing arm
Yellow paint on bolt heads..
Welding and CDI units
Darths H1 dampers
Kick start return?
Powder coating shock springs
Fork Lock removal
Clutch Cover Locating Dowel
Piston checking
Trans shift fork gouged need the experts input
Oil Tank Hose and Banjo
Suspension Question - KH 500
Petrol Tap question
Quick Oil Pump Question - KH 500
How do I get a piston unstuck
Clutch Springs KH 500
Trouble splitting the case halfs
Torque Value for the oil pump pinion bolt
Rough de-excelleration
Tachometer oil seal question
Clutch release mechanism
Conrod thrust bearing
Lost LH cylinder, then it mysteriously runs!
1972 S-1 250
"Correct" Exhaust Gaskets
Clutch Overhaul
Vernier dial caliper to set float level
Oil pump thread inserts - are they mythical?
typical oil consumption for triples
Clam's top end teardown w/ pics need guidence
friggin carbs
H1F Timing Problem
Won't roll backward in gear
New replacement rotor
Swinging arm fitting blues - H1E
Shift drum switch?
Push rod seal modification
Oil leaking H1 73 Question
middle plug very sooty
H2 Carburetor cap gasket?
H1E- front brake switch thread pitch
Brake piston - band dust seal
More tuning progress , solved a few nagging running issues
Can't tighten down carb enough to motor H1F
Fuel Petcock Leak
Caliper conversion *update with pics*
this weekend + reassembly = not happy
Dripping oil
Oil lines Rebuild
Carb cleaning tip
H1F Oil pump, intermittent?
Clutch reassembly problems
Annoying mis fire
I have one odd coil on my H1F, is it going to be a problem?
Hard to start from cold
Solve one problem another surfaces...
H1F Oil pump, main banjo hole stripped?
H1F update, Wont kick, but will push and run?
Firing on 2-1/2 cylinders
H1F Set up the timing
S3 rings Stuck?
H2 First Gear Shift Fork
How bad is my Cylinder?
Brake Pads ... EX that is ...
Was ready to have a carb induced mental breakdown...
S2A clutch cover tach gear removal
Fork Seal Replacement
master cylinder check valve?
What if a needle clip fell into the carb?...
Leaking Exhaust connection
Need help with the oil injection functioning theory
Spark plug cables, make my own?
Electrical gremlin blowing the fuse
oil line questions
There's rust in ma gas tank,wot ama' gonna do (apology UB40)
Tried starting my H1, some backfiring through the carbs
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