Archive for KTOG ... Kawasaki Triple Owners Group Welcome to “The Fellowship Of The Ring-Ding!” KTOG is a group dedicated to the famous Kawasaki S1, S2, S3, H1, H2, and KH series triples.

Sales and Service
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Enriching Circuit
Motorcycle Transporter
Bead blasting by the job parts cleaning by the hour
KN Filters Discount
Case cleaning
Webike might be getting better
Jeffs (JRD) extended length Denco spigots
Ho Ho Holiday Sale
Ivan's Holiday Sale 2015
2016 Triple Calendar Photos Wanted
Vendors List
Where to get needles and needle jets for S3.
Fork rod mods and adapters for emulators.
Hagerty Insurance
Stator rewinding - even the early CDI units
Parts Sourcing
Updated H1 Carb Tuning kits Available Now
Transmission Undercutting, Shimming and Repair
Polished Side Covers
H2 sweatshirts LTD QTY green or black
Whats a good website/place for getting H2 bits
Jim Hobbs Chambers?
Crankshaft Rebuild Testimonials
Porschedave's Crank Rebuild website
91 Octane Updating for Triples
Shifter bushing service fix sloppy shifter linkage & kic
Rebuilt petcocks
Cylinder Head Machining -combustion chamber matched to bore
KH400 HT Coils
KH400 Source coils
CDi unit restortions
shift fork refurb.
New KH400 Stator Low Speed Coils Available
brake rotor thinning for EX caliper conversion $60
Free Crankshaft Rebuilding Service
Pipe kits
New KH500 front fork tubes, recomendations?
bob the seat
New Oil Lines
h2 exhausts
H2/H1D Low Speed Stator Coils (Magneto Windings) Available
New Lakeland Early H1 CDI unit
New Lakeland H2 CDI Option: All in One Unit
Overseas Crankshaft Rebuilding Service
Denco style exhaust spigots/manifolds H1 & H2
Oil injection line rebuilding
H1 Modifications for handling and performance
Check Valve Springs and Check Balls
H1 H2 Gauge Restoration Service
Oil pump heli coil repairs
Barnett kevlar 15 plate clutch for H1 and H2
Crankshaft Rebuilding Service
More bling on ebay
Porting, Reed Conversion, Fiberglass Bodywork
Denco Chambers and Ignition Units / Regulators
H2/H1D-KH 500 Coil kit
H2 sleeves.
Bumper stickers
Clutch Actuators and other goodies
New website
Better pricing at the website
expansion chambers
Cad and zinc plating
Who is the go to guy to clean , blast , bore and hone cylds?
New triple shop online !!
Copper Gaskets-Allen Bolts-and More
offset sprockets
Iggnition boxes and battery eliminators
Cylinder boring on the west coast
cylinder boring
Purple Haze
Plastic and rubber reproduction
Jess bikes
Grab bars and luggage racks...
Triple keys
Reproduction Decals and Parts
nuts and bolts
Eric2cycle for cylinder boring and ................
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