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Fresh from the shed
h2 72/74
Brown Betty. (75 H1)... ala mode
Shoggoth's '77.
Crisp F9 Running EFI..
RZ 350 a little run through the valley
Starting Over
A Beautiful Day To Ride An H-1
Fall Colors
Short H1 ride Video
temp gauges installed
S2a and Hauler
Candy Red H1E
mad Project
Mopar dog's H2
Photo finish
72H2 Project
Nice score
I finally found one!
Went on a polishing spree...
Caught 2 NOS H2C pipes
old pics
my H2B
The Purple Piranha
My first triple - 1972 H2
Had to share this.
My KH 400
Dead man riding
my H2A
Same story, new begining
My 1st Triple build ...'72 H2
A Mothers work is never done
A Bio of my other restorations w/ pics and links
Not only beautiful but efficient
New guy - photos of my racer from ancient times
My H2A Retoration
h1e short blast
new project
My factory original H1B, stock paint/pipes
My first triple
350 S2 Restore
84 RZ350 maiden voyage with Spec II VM 30s
Building a triple collection.
My first and second H1's,,, Long gone
Added a triple
New Mizuno chambers, new rims and standard pipes
Almost finished
New to "this" Board. Allow me to introduce myself
1975 H1 Root Beer
On board video
New Member, 1972 H2 Triple
Thanks Gents
my first H2C
72 H2 before and after
My Other Bike - Suzuki GT750
the old lady's soon too be first bike
H1B rebuild from New Zealand
Lucky find in upstate NY
1977 KZ650
Looky what I discovered in my driveway! ! ! !1111!
Garage Find
Tina's Triple
Z1 Sidecar
Not a Triple
Newbie to tripples....
I really dug the Kawasakis of the 80s!!!
77 in 75 clothing...
72 H1 500
1972 Kawasaki S2 350, trash bike
Well, it's a smoker … and it's all Dan's fault !!!
A couple of Kaws ......
OK, not a Kaw but it IS a triple!
My 75 S3
Darth's H1D ...
1976 KZ 900
Nice H1A By Don Fulsang (Gauge Man)
new paint
Noise time?!
My '73 I started 3 1\2 weeks ago))!
A late Christmas or early birthday present
some old family pics
Better pics (I hope)
my 72 and 75 H2s
My 75 S3A 400 Progress
oldrider57's H1-F
Well, its a smoker, not a Honda so you still have to like me
Yeah, its a Honda but
1976 KH 500
1976 KH400
My First H2B
My new H2C !!!!!
H2 tranny from R&D
Now cooking with "Charcoal" baby
Cool crank photo
The One and Only
Canadian H2C
New H1a
1975 S3 400
69 H1
1978- The Good Old Days
A triple nut from across the pond.
Stunning KH at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2013
Custom H2 - Unknown Owner
New Triple to the garage
2013 Modern Classics Motorcycle show (pic heavy)
Some More of my Friends Bikes
The Dark Side
Don's 1972 H1B Mach III
Nailed it!!!
My KZ650
My new Kawasaki.,.
H1 Chopper to H1R replica
S3 400 almost there
H2 Project from finland
75 S3 comes alive
My sad S2
No More Mr Nice Guy
Philthys bike pics
1972 S2 Restoration
Look what came in the mail
My Triples
A purist would say I ruined these............
Got a new toy today
XS650 mild cafe
1971 Honda CB 750
Aussie KH500 A8 restoration......
1972 S1 250 restoration.
Tidying up my 74 H2B
A few of my own....
My H2 crank back from Charlie
Old brit bike
One more
Bored one day
Crusin' CL again
My time had finnaly come
Off to new territory
crazy barn find
After the move
More restos
1972 H2
Little Honda
Some mods to my sons DRZ 400
Some updated garage pics!!! 75 s3 project
I Bought a
Another S2A is saved
My grandson
Engine Identification
Higgy pipes
My Project 74 S3...Before and during pics...
New Seat
My Dad's semi restoration. 76 kh500
1973 Nova and S1
AHMRA at Willow Springs 2012 (Bike Show)
Took some better pics of my bike
Washed and ready
Just scored this 1973 S2
A Survivor Story
My sons new ride
Owned it for 20 years but never rode it; IT"S DONE!!!
Progress on the early 72 H2
Paint on a s2 and h2
My S3
Picked up a 1972 S2 today
its not a triple but its a two stroke
Back when I could actually afford an H1
My S2A resto
Denco Killers 1st ride report
my 75
1975 H1 500
Sweet H1 Pics
Found some nice H1B pipes
picked up a vintage 9" x 18" Atlas lathe (1932)
A quick "tidy up" for my h2
Test drive H1D tonight
Iowa Triples and Odditys
Baxter's Bike on the cover of Cycle World
H1E alive again
Here's my classic fleet
It's not pretty but it runs
One I Did Earlier.
my 1972/3 s2
My bike to be
these are for brad....
My Crew
Just in case...
Newbee with a new project
Barn fresh rats........
project h2 roadworthy
Greetings...Im new here...
1973 Suzuki GT 185 Cancer awareness bike & 1974 Kawasaki
My '75 H1 500
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