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Kawasaki H1 Crankshaft Interchangeability ?

I would specifically like to know if the crankshaft from a 1974 H1D will fit into the engine cases for a 1970 H1.

But if anyone has any other interchangeability information related to H1 cranks go ahead and post it!

H2 Brad

Eric, I am pretty sure that all the H1 cranks fit the entire H1 model lineup. Other then slight differences, like possibly slotted rods, I believe they all interchange. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.
H2 Brad

I just checked the parts database and part number 13031-049 shows up as a crankshaft assembly that fits all the H1 and KH500 models so I would say yes to your question.

Yes Mr. Green

Fit for Purpose?

Better check with Moo, maybe H1R cranks only look like they fit. -L.O.L.
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