Archive for KTOG ... Kawasaki Triple Owners Group Welcome to “The Fellowship Of The Ring-Ding!” KTOG is a group dedicated to the famous Kawasaki S1, S2, S3, H1, H2, and KH series triples.

Kawasaki Triples
Triples Talk
This forum is only for chatting about Kawasaki triples. Spam free and ready to use!
General Chat
An open forum for members to discuss any subject.
The Help Desk
This is an area for members to help others with various fields of expertise. As an example I have spent over 20 years in the construction and industrial equipment sales and service field. Have a question on how to repair something? Need a parts diagram or owners manual? Question on tool quality or usage? Ask it here.
Drag Racing
As requested this forum is for the drag racers. All right, let the smack talking begin!
Road Racing
For those of you that like lots of twisty roads!
Tips And Tricks
A forum dedicated to various pieces of distilled collective knowledge, like parts interchangeability, non interchangeability, and substitutions. A must read for anyone working on a triple!
Mechanical Zone
If you're having mechanical problems with your bike, this is the place to seek help.
The Restoration Shop
This forum is for any questions, information, tips, or discussion on restoring your Triple.
The Hot Rod Shop
Screw stock! This forum is for guys that like to squeeze every ounce of performance out of their bike that they can.
Triple Builds
This is the place to put up pictures of your triple builds, we're especially looking for "progress type" pictures. Show us what you started with, progress pictures and the final result. We ALL love pictures.
Show and Tell
Post a picture of your bike and tell us a little about it!
The Toy Box
Make any recent purchases of something other then a triple? (hey, it happens) Show everyone what other cool toys you have. New stuff, vintage stuff, cars, boats, tools, and even tractors for example.
For Sale
Got bikes, parts, etc... to sell? List it here!
Parts or Bikes Wanted
Looking for a new ride, or just some parts to fix up your bike? Post a request here.
This section is for posting items you see on Craigslist or eBay, items you are selling on eBay, or just general questions on using eBay.
Sales and Service
If you are looking for reproduction parts or maybe somebody to do some work on your bike, this is the place. If you are a seller or provide a service please feel free to post your info here.
H2 Brad's Music Store
In honor of the creator of KTOG, this is the music forum. Post audio and video links here or just talk about your favorite bands!
The KTOG Comedy Club!
This is a forum for everyone to post jokes or any other humorous stories. It's always good to have a good laugh. Please remember this is a "family friendly" forum so post accordingly.
Local Bike Nights
If there is a "bike night" somewhere around your neighborhood, please share it with others in your area. You never know who might show up there!
Events and Meetings
This forum is for announcements for upcoming meetings, events, shows, swap-meets, friendly get-togethers, and any other related outings!
In Memoriam
Dedicated to our friends in the triple community who have passed from this life but will always remain in our hearts!
Details on the Bike of the Month
This is a section for those whose bike appears at the masthead to tell everyone a bit about the bike and how they built it. Each month we choose a new bike to display on the board masthead.
Kawasaki Non Triple
Non-Triple Builds
This is the place for anyone to put their "progress-type" pictures of any Kawasaki that is not a triple, OR any other bike. Show what you started with, any progress pics that you take and the final result.
Non-Triple General Questions
If you have a Kawasaki that's not a Triple, this is the forum to ask questions and other general discussion.
Non-Triple For Sale/Wanted/eBay
For sale, wanted, and eBay section for non Triple related Kawasaki bikes and parts.
Yamaha RD/RZ/TZ 2 Strokes
Yamaha General Questions
If you have a Yamaha RD/RZ 2 Stroke, here is the place for questions and general discussion.
Yamaha For Sale/Wanted/eBay
For sale, wanted, eBay section for Yamaha RD/RZ 2 stroke related bikes and parts.
Suzuki T/GT/RG 2 Strokes
Suzuki General Questions
If you have a Suzuki T or GT 2 Stroke, here is the place for questions and general discussion.
Suzuki For Sale/Wanted/ebay
For sale, wanted, or eBay auction section for Suzuki T and GT 2 stroke related bikes and parts.